woman Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I access services at New Directions Career Center?

A: New Directions Career Center (NDCC) offers cutting edge techniques for job seekers as well as those individuals in professional transition. Experts teach networking, resume writing, job search techniques, interviewing skills, and much more. Placement services connects program graduates with employers as well as job postings. In this economy, job seekers need as many people and organizations advocating for them as possible.

Q: What does New Directions Career Center have to offer that other career development agencies don't provide to clients?

A: New Directions Career Center takes a holistic approach to professional achievement. In addition to providing innovative services supported by community leaders and corporate sponsors, the Center embraces the spirit within each individual. Clients are empowered and supported, by licensed Counselors and Career Specialists, to cultivate their gifts and bring their dreams to life.

Q: How much do the programs cost?

A: All programs and services are made available to eligible clients on a sliding fee scale. No one is ever turned away from service because of the lack of ability to pay.

Q: Is there assistance for transportation costs and/or child care costs to allow me to participate in one of the Center's programs?

A: The Center does provide transportation assistance for eligible clients who need this assistance to be able to participate in one of our programs. Child care assistance is made available to eligible women who wish to participate in the New Directions Program. Your individual assistance needs will be discussed with the Director of Programs and Services during the program enrollment process.

Q: How is the Center funded?

A: The Center's funding comes from a variety of sources including funding from the city of Columbus, grants from numerous community, corporate and family foundations; individual gifts from friends of the Center; fees for service; and fund-raising events conducted by the Center and by other groups that wish to support our mission.

Q: Will you help me get a job?

A: After completing one of the Center's regular, on-going programs, staff continue to provide graduates with support and assistance until they find employment. This support takes the form of workshops and job leads from the Center's Employment Specialist; access to the Center's computer lab and open lab sessions for assistance with on-line job searches and resume writing; follow-up assistance from Career Counselors; opportunity for mock interviews. Sometimes our graduates need to continue with their education to find full-time employment in the career of their choice. We will help them identify resources to make that happen (e.g. scholarships, work-study positions, internships, loans, temporary or part-time jobs, and so forth). On average (based on our 30 years of service delivery experience) about 70% of our graduates have either found a job and/or returned to an educational program within one year of completing one of our programs.