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The E3 Program has two new cohorts per year (Fall and Winter). Start your application process early to secure your spot.


  • Women, 18 years or older
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 9th Grade Reading and Math Levels
  • Work Experience, current employment, or some other means of financial support
  • Motivated to pursue higher education within 6-9 months of program start date


  • Complete the TABE Test with at least 9th grade reading/language and math levels.
  • Complete the E3 program application.
  • Complete an individual orientation interview with an E3 staff member to discuss details about the program.
  • Attend a final selection interview with a panel of representatives from E3 partner agencies and the WLC.*

* E3 staff can admit 22 women into each cohort. When more than 22 women apply to a particular cohort, the Panel Interview will be used to make final selections for program enrollment.


Educate, Empower, Elevate with E3

Are you thinking about continuing your education in 2020? Have you started and stopped school before and have dreams to complete your degree?

Then E3– Educate, Empower, Elevate – may be the program that helps you launch your educational plans!

E3 is a semester long program that prepares women to pursue post-secondary education. Partner agencies Apprisen, the Godman Guild Association, and New Directions Career Center work together with the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) of the United Way of Central Ohio to present a comprehensive curriculum of educational readiness, career development, financial literacy and personal enrichment topics that will address matters of school application and enrollment, financial aid, work-life balance, career advancement and more!

Following the Preparation Program, E3 provides Support Services for up to 48 months – while you’re in school! Benefit from Employment Services, Case Management, Support Groups, Resource Assistance and Mentor-ship from the WLC.

Join forces with other women looking to advance their education toward greater career success and financial stability!

If you’re interested in applying for E3, contact us at or 614-849-0028.


The Preparation Program meets mostly Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:00 – 9:00 PM), with occasional Saturdays, over the course of several months and includes instruction in:

  • Personal Enrichment Topics
  • Financial Literacy
  • Educational Readiness
  • Career Development
  • College Preparatory Math and English

Supportive Services from the knowledgeable staff at Apprisen, Godman Guild, and New Directions Career Center will be provided during your Preparation Program and for up to four years after your prep program graduation.

  • Mentor-ship from the WLC
  • Case Management/Career Counseling
  • Employment Services
  • Financial Counseling
  • Monthly Support Groups
  • Transportation and Child Care Assistance for program meetings
  • Opportunities for Networking and Continued Support
  • An Incentive Program

Watch a video about the WLC/E3 to discover more about the E3 experience.

Participant Stories:

Jolara’s Story

Allison’s Story


For more information about E3 or to begin the application process,
contact us at

Download the E3 program application here.


Jolara, E3 participant fall 2011

“The comprehensive nature of the E3 program, and the support system within it, has rebuilt my faith in my abilities and my community. Participating in E3 has challenged and inspired me, and helped me find the foundation to blossom professionally and educationally. I am excited to re-start my journey and to be able to support the E3 program in the future. Any woman who has felt lost professionally or educationally owes it to herself to apply for the E3 program. What an amazing collaboration and resource!”

Marci, E3 participant winter 2011

“[I chose to participate] because I was tired of being laid off jobs and not having a safety net of a degree to fall back on. I have been continually under-employed for the past several years and am tired of struggling. [The program helped] by presenting different subjects that will give me a solid foundation and support system when I go back to school… all of the sessions fit together, like a puzzle. [But] it’s the camaraderie and partnership of our group as a whole that has impacted me the most. Each woman has so much to offer and contribute.”

Flora, E3 participant winter 2011

“The built-in support group is great because sometimes the answers come from your peers. I like the homework E3 assigns us because the homework mirrors what’s going on in my life as I try to get myself back to school.”

Jennifer, E3 participant fall 2011

“Without the E3 program, I wouldn’t be in school working toward my degree, so I can change careers and earn a livable wage. I have gained many tools to help me on my journey, and I have ongoing support from the staff and my peers as well. I am empowered and elevated!”