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Share your talent!

Volunteers often express that instructing at NDCC requires them to use their time and talents in a way that’s very different from their “day jobs.”  Volunteering with NDCC provides an opportunity to interact with new and different people, each with their own stories and talents.  You will likely discover new insights about yourself and your area of expertise that may lead to deeper personal and professional growth.

Make a positive impact!

Volunteering with NDCC gives you the opportunity to share information and hope to directly impact another’s life.  Most people need to work to make a living, and work often takes up a significant portion of our waking hours.  NDCC helps people find work that is meaningful and satisfying while also leading them towards self-sufficiency – a service always needed, especially during our recent economic struggles.  Your contribution at NDCC will not only make a positive impact on you and the individuals in the classroom, but it will also create a ripple effect into the community for the greater good of Central Ohio.

Be a good steward!

Volunteers at NDCC get to be good stewards of their companies or organizations.  Our clients will be able to put a face to that name they may have heard of so many times before.  By donating your time and energy, our clients will come to realize that you and your organization care about them.

Join a new network!

Volunteers at NDCC get to meet other professionals interested in giving back to our community and will have the opportunity to expand their own networks, as well as have some fun with an interesting and talented group of individuals!

Contact us to explore volunteer opportunities.