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At New Directions Career Center you will be empowered to knock down barriers to employment, face challenges to job retention, build resilience in the face of a changing job market, and open doors to career advancement.

You will leave our programs with a new outlook on yourself, your current situation, and your future opportunities.

NDCC programs are overseen by Licensed Professional Counselors and career development experts. A sliding-fee scale ensures that the Center’s programs and services are accessible to all.

To learn more about our services and to explore which program may be right for you – call us at (614) 849-0028 and ask about our upcoming orientation sessions.


Programs for Women
New Directions, 10 Day
E3-Educate, Empower, Elevate

Programs for Men and Women
Advanced Career Techniques


For All Graduates
Employment Services
Individual Career Counseling
Meet the Recruiter Monthly Sessions

For Female Graduates
New Directions Success Group
Anne Bostwick Memorial Scholarship