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For information about NDCC’s Graduate Services, including which companies will be represented during Meet the Recruiter each month, please call the Center at (614) 849-0028, or email and ask to be added to our mailing list.

Client Services

As a graduate, you are eligible for a variety of services including:

  • Employment Services
    Our Employment Specialist will share job leads, help you overcome employment obstacles, make appropriate recommendations to employers, and identify educational opportunities and sources for financial aid.
  • Individual Career Counseling
    Our licensed professionals offer a customized approach that focuses on your individual career exploration needs. This can include identifying careers that match your work skills, interests, and preferences; exploring your strengths and resources; and developing an action plan that empowers you to reach your chosen goals.
  • Meet the Recruiter
    Recruiters and Human Resource professionals, from a wide-range of employers, will meet with you and other graduates monthly.  Recruiters will give you an overview of their company, let you know about available positions, and give you tips for applying online.
  • The Anne Bostwick Memorial Scholarship
    This scholarship is awarded annually to a female program graduate who requires more education to achieve her career goals. Click here for more information about The Anne Bostwick Memorial Scholarship.