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WOW!  You have to treat yourself to this inspirational video! 

Thank you for joining us for an evening with Craig Chavis Jr.. We know that you couldn’t wait for the video so you would have a copy of his presentation. Treat yourself by watching again or for the first time. Feel free to share with friends and family.

The video replay is now available on YouTube.

You can find Craig’s Workbook at : Burdens of a Dream Workbook: My Lessons Learned

Craig Chavis Jr.:



Trust the Process – 5 Tips for Becoming the Entrepreneur of Your Life

Looking at your career through an entrepreneurial lens can benefit all of us whether we own our business or work in other fields. Your career is your business!

Entrepreneurship is a process of becoming that is not a straightforward nor linear path. During this event Craig will share his life story and guide guests through the ups and downs of his journey of entrepreneurship through several powerful life and business lessons.

By listening to this chat, you will discover how to:

  • Define your own reality

  • See opportunities within problems, and

  • Develop a purposeful business mindset

Via candid stories and practical advice, Craig will provide a vital spark of hope that will help you to reignite your inner creative genius and inspire to you to become the entrepreneur of your life!