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Gallery of Recipients

2017- Lorie Murphy

Lorie came to the Center in 2015 at a crossroads in her life. She was feeling paralyzed by fear, but reached out to a friend who suggested New Directions. Lorie joined the program, and it went on, she learned more about herself and the career opportunities that matched her skills and interests. Equipped with her own personal vision of success and plan for change, Lori went on to complete the E3 Program the following year. She is currently enrolled in Franklin University completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an HR minor. According to Lorie, “I am excited about the future, and all the wonders that it holds. I am stronger and better equipped today than I was 2 years ago when I stood at the doorstep of New Directions. I have aspirations to continue not only my personal journey of growth, but also to ‘pay forward’ the gifts that I have been so generously given.” Congratulations, Lorie!


2016- Tamara Washington

Tamara came to the Center in 2014, and graduated from one of our core programs, New Directions. Tamara is a single mother of two boys, and is currently working as a substitute teacher. Tamara said, "the New Directions class has had and is still having a huge impact on my life. We looked at so many small parts that make up the whole and I came to the realization that it's understanding how all of these factors affect who we are, where we've been, and more importantly where we are going." Tamara's educational goal is to complete the 24 semester hours that the Ohio Department of Education will recquire in order for her to become a licensed educator. Tamara hopes to teach High School level Language Arts and hopes that her career as a teacher will allow her to make a positive impact on students on a daily basis. Tamara, we can't wait to stand beside you on your journey to success!


2015-  Flora Yee

Flora came to the Center in 2010, to explore the newly created E3 Program. She has been a tireless devotee to that program and to her own goals ever since. Despite increased responsibilities and growing financial hardships, she has progressed and excelled in Columbus State's Associate's of Nursing program, known for being quite challenging, and is already on her way towards achieving her BSN. 

2014- Letreese Jones

LeTreese, a wife and mother to three children, came to the Center in January 2013 after hearing a radio spot advertising the E3 program. She had put her educational dreams on hold in order to care for her family, but was ready to return to her paralegal studies. Through E3 she learned to take time for herself, believe in her talents, and feel confident in her choices as she worked toward her goals. She hopes to use her paralegal degree to work as a Professional Parent Advocate, helping the parents of children with special needs advocate for services and support within the community. Upon completion of her paralegal degree in 2015, she hopes to continue her studies to complete both Bachelor’s and Master’s level degrees.


2013- Sally Taylor

Sally, a single mother, currently worked in food service to support her family while she attended college to improve herself and get a better job. She was facing various struggles when she came to the Center in 2012. The support, self and career exploration, educational tools, and career exercises (including the vision board she developed in the class) gave her hope and strength. Sally is no longer a broken person, but an inspired, empowered, and confident woman. She will use the scholarship towards completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a minor in Hospital Management. She plans to graduate in May 2014 and pursue a new career in the medical field. 


2012- Jennifer Combs

Jennifer Combs, is a graduate of the Center’s Creating Career Options, Advanced Career Techniques, and E3 program. Combs, an experienced carpenter and cabinet maker, currently works full-time while pursuing her education full-time at Columbus State Community College. She plans to use the scholarship funds toward her associate’s degree in Civil Engineering Technology, with a plan to complete her bachelor’s degree, and eventually an MBA – all within a five-year time frame! Jennifer emphasized that women, especially women with over 25 years’ experience in the commercial construction industry, are underrepresented in this growing field. She hopes her entry into the field signifies a new trend for women pursuing non-traditional careers. 


2011- Marcella Nugent

Marci Nugent is a single mom and the 18th woman to receive this scholarship, earmarked for use in pursuing educational goals. She survived open heart surgery as a child, and is majoring in Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology with an emphasis in Cardiovascular at Central Ohio Technical College. An associate’s degree will qualify her to administer EKG’s, MRI’s and CAT scans. 


2010- Rita Nowell & Shanea Harrington

For the first time since the Bostwick Scholarship Fund was founded, two scholarship awards were given at the annual awards ceremony! Because 2010 is the Center’s 30th anniversary year AND because there were two equally qualified candidates, two scholarships were presented. The deserving award winners are at different points in their career journeys. Award winner Rita Nowell is a seasoned worker who was faced with identifying a new career path after being downsized from a long-term position. Shanea Harrington is a young women just starting on her career path. 


2009- April Warren

Warren came to the Center when personal and professional transitions left her in need of charting a new career path. At the New Directions Career Center, she engaged in individual career counseling over a four month period — developing her self-confidence along with a plan for a new career as a Physical Therapy Assistant. April will use the $1,000 scholarship to help pay for tuition costs related to her studies.